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Facebook trapped in MySQL ‘fate worse than death’

2011-07-08 09:50:22

MOPS Submission 10: How to manage a PHP application’s users and passwords « the Month of PHP Security

2010-09-29 18:05:11

MySQL :: MySQL 5.1 Reference Manual :: 8.6 Comment Syntax

2010-09-28 20:12:23

Suspekt… » Blog Archive » MySQL and SQL Column Truncation Vulnerabilities

2010-09-28 20:10:54

MySQL syntax « Reiners’ Weblog

2010-09-28 16:23:07

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2010-09-28 14:24:27

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2010-09-28 14:23:15

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2010-09-28 14:22:51

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2010-09-28 13:46:27

Paginación de resultados con PHP y MySQL

2010-09-27 22:04:51

How I Added Tagging Using PHP and MySQL - Snook.ca

2010-09-27 22:01:32
Como usar etiquetas/tag con PHP y MySQL

Tags: Database schemas

2010-09-27 20:32:27
The Problem: You want to have a database schema where you can tag a bookmark (or a blog post or whatever) with as many tags as you want. Later then, you want to run queries to constrain the bookmarks to a union or intersection of tags. You also want to exclude (say: minus) some tags from the search result.