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Recommended Reading | The Homepage of @attrc

2014-09-02 19:47:58
This page lists books that I have found to be highly relevant and useful for learning topics within computer security, digital forensics, incident response, malware analysis, and reverse engineering. These books range from introductory texts to advanced research works. While some of these books may seem dated, the information contained is still very useful to people learning today, and much of the information is essential to becoming proficient in the information security realm.

Uninformed - vol 10

2014-07-24 01:42:26
Uninformed is a technical outlet for research in areas pertaining to security technologies, reverse engineering, and lowlevel programming. The goal, as the name implies, is to act as a medium for informing the uninformed. The research presented here is simply an example of the evolutionary thought that affects all academic and professional disciplines.

DarthTon/Polychaos · GitHub

2014-06-12 16:28:30

Cylance Tech Blog | A Study in Bots: Bitbot

2013-08-22 18:29:25

RaiderSec: How Browsers Store Your Passwords (and Why You Shouldn't Let Them)

2013-06-24 14:40:14

Formato portable ejecutable bajo windows

2013-06-20 07:08:31

The Portable Executable File Format from Top to Bottom

2013-06-18 07:20:58

corkami - reverse engineering & visual documentations

2013-06-17 11:26:32

Inject your code to a Portable Executable file - CodeProject

2013-06-17 05:38:12

Portable Executable 101 - a windows executable walkthrough

2013-06-16 06:29:16

Inside the executable: an introduction to the Portable Executable format for VB programmers - CodeProject

2013-06-16 06:16:14

avast! blog » Analysis of a self-debugging Sirefef cryptor

2013-05-29 09:40:15

APT1: technical backstage

2013-04-08 16:06:44

Writing Crypter. Bypassing Antivirus – “how-to” For Beginners. « IT Security Lab

2013-04-04 04:32:25

selfmodifying code « IT Security Lab

2013-04-04 04:28:58

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